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How We Partner

Frontiers partners with churches that share our heart for Muslims. We come alongside church leadership to help you think strategically about your church’s role in starting movements to Christ among Muslims.


We believe it is biblical that the local church sends people to the field. We share what we we’ve have learned in our 35 years of existence and help you develop a strategy for your church.

Vision Trips

A vision trip with Frontiers will allow you to see, hear, and feel God’s heart for the Muslim world firsthand. A vision trip will also help you envision the unique role your church can play in reaching Muslims.


Emark Study

Embark is a 4-lesson study that helps you and your friends discover:

  • GOD’S WORD: God’s plan to bless all peoples
  • GOD’S WORLD: How God has blessed all peoples and what remains to finish His work
  • GOD’S WORK: How you can join God to accomplish His plan for all peoples

In each lesson, you’ll discover more about God’s call for us to reach the nations, then you’ll move toward responding and sharing, using your particular calling.

Embark is for every Jesus follower. You might not feel like God is calling you to go abroad, but this study will expand your perspective and show how you can be involved right where you are.

Please write to us to request your free copy.

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