The best time to start preparing for service in a new culture is now. Start your journey to the Muslim World by reading about some of the tools we offer or recommend to help you discern your calling:

Explore the Frontiers

Attend a one-day seminar to find out what it is like to be on a pioneering church planting team in the Muslim World.

Fieldprep Assessment

You will complete a self-assessment to determine your readiness for field service. We will sit down with you and chat through the different options of “filling the gaps” and get you equipped.


Embark is a 4-week study that helps you and your friends discover:

  • GOD’S WORD - God’s plan to bless all peoples
  • GOD’S WORLD - How God has blessed all peoples and what remains to finish His work
  • GOD’S WORK - How you can join God to accomplish His plan for all peoples

Perspectives Courses

Perspectives is a course designed around four vantage points or "perspectives" — Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. Each one highlights different aspects of God's global purpose. Be part of God's plan for Him to be loved by every people.

Find Your Role

We’re here to help you navigate this journey, give us some info and we will connect you.

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